September 18, 2008

Top Cow Pilot Season winners

Top Cow today announced the winners of the 2008 Pilot season; Twilight Guardian by Troy Hickman and Reza and Genius by Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman and Afua Richardson.

Twilight Guardian follows a (powerless) girl who patrols a nine-block radius every night, and the adventures that may entail effectively being a neighborhood watch of one.

Genius takes a teenage girl out of the ghetto and makes her into a military savant.

“I’m shocked, really,” said Adam Freeman. “Genius is not a traditional comic and I suppose that is one of its greatest assets as well as its biggest obstacle. We weren’t sure how readers would react but we knew it was a story we were passionate about. Kudos to Top Cow for being the only publisher willing to take that risk with us. Someone wiser than me once said, ‘Never underestimate your audience’ and, truth be told, we did a little on this one. We didn’t think people would ‘get it’ but apparently they did.”

To be honest, I wasn't one who got it. Under-priveledged-adolescent-war-tactitian-drama is too tight a niche for me.

Personally I would have liked to seen Urban Myths get the nod. 

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